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The task

When we at ASG set about to design and build the EVO3 we recognized the opportunity to redesign the heart of any AEG, the gearbox. Our goal was to make it as near-to indestructible as possible, while still being affordable, easy to maintain and upgrade.

By strengthening well known weak spots, simplifying the mechanics and incorporating electronics we have arrived at a result that we believe will set a new standard in the Airsoft industry.

Focus points/areas:

The build quality



Superior build quality:


Where the standard in Airsoft is to replicate the exterior in appearance only, the EVO 3 is built to be as tough as the real thing. The fiber-reinforced polymer used in the construction is the same as the original submachine gun, making it one of the toughest Airsoft guns around. The EVO is designed to be built from fewer parts than most Airsoft guns. The simple construction using high quality components results in a durable, high performing AEG that is easy to take apart for service, maintenance and upgrades.

Build quality features:






  • CNC machined outer barrel

    The outer barrel is CNC machined from a single bar stock and finished with an anodized surface treatment. This method has been chosen to ensure a stronger and straighter component with superior fit and long service life.

  • Integrated standard size rails

    Made from the same fiber-reinforced polymer as the body. These rails won’t loosen or show wear like standard metal rails.

  • Innovative construction

    By using fewer parts in the external construction and only 2 different size screws throughout, the EVO 3 A1 is structurally strong and rigid – an Airsoft gun that is easy to service.

  • Super lightweight and compact design

    The EVO 3 A1 is among the lightest Proline AEGs, allowing it to be used by players of all sizes.

  • Glass fiber reinforced polymer

    This is the first AEG with an outer body made entirely from reinforced polymers. In order to match the look and feel of the original gun and to ensure maximum strength, each individual component is optimized with a mixture of PA6 and either glass pellets or glass fiber in order to achieve the most optimal results.

  • Strong magazine

    The outer shell is made from polycarbonate, same material as the original CZ magazines. This makes the EVO 3 A1 extremely strong and durable. We have had the shell cast in one-piece in order to achieve the precise dimensions we wanted. We spent great time and effort to optimize the internals to ensure the magazine contains as many BBs as possible and feed them smoothly regardless of BB brand.

  • Secure motor attachment

    The grip that houses the motor is securely mounted on the gearbox shell with 6 screws resulting in a 100 % solid construction. This offers a perfect positioning for the pinion gear in relation to the bevel gear, important for high-power upgrades. The grip is designed with an internal wire channel for easy motor installation and long lasting metal threaded bushings for mounting the motor back plate.

  • CNC made flash hider and barrel nut

    We decided to have the flash hider and barrel nut CNC machined in Denmark, to ensure a superior finish and longevity of the threading.

Special features:


Great effort went in to designing the details of this Airsoft gun, this is evident in how well everything fits together, from the tight fit of the folding adjustable stock on the receiver to the way the fire selector sounds when it clicks into position. Along the many unique features of the EVO 3 A1, it still offers many of the standard features found on other Airsoft guns allowing players to customize and upgrade their Airsoft gun.




  • Easy power change

    The spring guide is accessible from the outside this allows fast spring changes in the field with aid of a screwdriver.

  • Removable folding stock

    The lightweight polymer 3-position expandable stock, folds easily to the side, and can be removed quickly without tools.

  • Reduced BB spill

    The 74 rd. mid-cap magazine is placed directly below the nozzle resulting in every BB being fed directly into the chamber.

  • Removable flash-hider

    The metal flash-hider is removable, allowing customization and the mounting of most barrel extension tubes with the aid of an adapter

  • Precision inner barrel

    We decided to go with a 6.03mm precision barrel to maximize long range precision, and give the player a satisfying experience straight out of the box. We recommend the use of a quality brand of BBs like Blaster devils.

  • LiPo born ECU

    The EVO 3 A1 is the first AEG that is built especially to use LiPo or LiFE batteries. With the use of an ULTIMATE basic motor, high quality wiring and an electronically controlled unit (ECU), the EVO 3 A1 is also the first AEG born to use 11.1V LiPo batteries right out of the box.

  • ULTIMATE basic motor

    The EVO 3 A1 comes standard with an ULTIMATE basic motor. The extra strong high-quality magnets used in the ULTIMATE basic motor provides high torque resulting in a faster trigger response and more efficient motor brakes. The motor can handle any upgrade up to an M160 (note that any upgrade over M130 requires upgraded gears, piston and cylinder set.)

The gearbox



New designed gearbox:


The EVO 3 A1 gearbox is designed from scratch by ASG, rather than modifying existing gearbox versions to deliver functions they were not intended for in the first place, the EVO 3 A1 internals have been purpose built to deliver advanced functions by using custom electronics, while having the strength necessary to handle powerful springs or high-speed solutions. Add to all this the easy power change design with one-tool quick spring access, allowing fast in-the-field spring changes to best match mission requirements.

ECU controlled gearbox


Not content with the limitations of a traditional electrical gearbox, the EVO 3 A1 gearbox has been designed with an innovative electronic control unit. Benefits of using an electronically controlled Airsoft gun include; reduction in the number of mechanical and electrical parts resulting in increased battery and motor efficiency, while offering an instantaneous crisp trigger response that experienced Airsoft players appreciate.


  • Upgradable with industry standard parts

    Using standard size internal components, allows upgrades with already available after-marked products.

  • Designed for strength

    The aluminum alloy gearbox fully encases the cylinder. The ventilation hole is rounded at the corners, eliminating typical stress points, and providing better support for the piston – making it able to withstand powerful upgrades.

  • Easy service and maintenance

    Using an electronic control system eliminates the need for a reversal prevention latch, this results in a more reliable construction that’s easier to maintain and service.

  • Upgrades

    The gearbox and electronics have been built to handle upgrades up to M150, providing the gears are upgraded as well. Out of the box the EVO 3 A1 can handle between M90 and M130 springs by simply replacing the main power spring. A task easily accomplished via the removable spring guide. The EVO 3 A1 is compatible with ULTIMATE upgrade parts. (Motor, gears, cylinder sets, bearings and springs)

  • CNC processed gearbox

    The molded aluminum alloy gearbox has been CNC processed to ensure optimum tolerances for gear placement and to create a consistent finish. We found the CNC processing necessary to guaranty identical performance in all EVO 3 A1 AEG’s.

  • Intelligent design solutions

    The gearbox has been designed with wire retention clips built into its structure. This allows for easy wire placement and makes assembly fast and easy. It also removes the risk of damaging the wires when upgrading.

  • Industry-standard 8mm bushings

    Due to the CNC process, the gearbox uses industry-standard tolerance 8mm oilless bushings. This allows easy upgrade to any other type of 8mm bushings or ball bearings.

  • MIM steel gears

    By choosing MIM steel gears rather than cast zinc alloy, greater strength and durability is achieved. This allows the EVO 3 A1 to handle up to M130 springs out of the box, without upgrading the gears.

  • Quality wiring

    In order to provide a reliable performance, high quality wiring is used in all EVO 3 A1’s. By using a thicker gauge wire the electrical resistance is lowered thus increasing power to the motor.

  • Crisp trigger response

    The uniquely designed electronics offers single fire, full-auto and 3-shot burst, and is more power efficient than a standard electrical system.

  • Failure-detection

    The operation of the gearbox is constantly monitored and if any anomalies are detected the gun will stop, preventing damage to internal components.

  • Battery monitoring

    The electronics will stop the gun from firing when power becomes too low; this helps to protect the LiPo battery from damage due to over-drainage.

  • Optimized mechanics

    Using an electronic control unit eliminates the need for various gearbox parts that are prone to malfunction. This results in a more reliable construction that’s easier to maintain and service.

  • Gearbox as heat-sink

    The choice of aluminum alloy for the gearbox allows it to act as a heat-sink for the electronic circuit board. When using an 11.1V battery, a lot of current is being led through the system, this generates heat and by using the entire gearbox as a heat-sink, the electronics have ideal working conditions.

  • Moisture resistant

    The excellent build quality of the EVO 3 A1 coupled with the electronically controlled gearbox, means this Airsoft gun is safe to use under humid conditions. The short circuit software will protect the circuitry if any water enters vital components. The software will switch back on when any water is gone.

  • No fuse box

    The use of electronics eliminates the need for a fuse box, and therefore reduces the power drain, providing more power for the motor.

  • Affordable service

    By using quality components the need for replacement parts is greatly reduced. Should the need arise, replacement parts are affordable. Even the electronic circuitry has been designed to be easily repaired or replaced at a low cost.



The handling



  • Empty magazine detection

    The gun will stop firing when the magazine runs empty, and requires activation of the bolt catch when reloaded, thus simulating a realistic firearms experience.

  • Functional bolt lock

    Locking the bolt back allows for easy access to hop-up and simulated weapon use.

  • 4-position fire selector with 3-shot burst

    By using an electronic trigger system, the fire selector positions have been designed to match the Original CZ EVO 3 A1 version for added realism. The fire selector features a safe position, single shot, 3-shot burst and full-auto fire modes.

  • Optimized mag-well

    A lot of time and effort has gone into achieving the exact dimensions of the mag-well. This has been done to ensure that the magazine will sit perfectly, drop out easily when released and sound just right when a magazine is inserted.

Realistic handling


The EVO 3 A1 has been envisioned, designed and built to bring Airsoft players as close to the experience of handling the original (polymer) EVO 3 A1 as possible. All weight, size and handling characteristics have been constructed to match the real gun – and like a real gun, the Airsoft version will stop firing when its magazine runs empty, and requires activation of the bolt catch after a fresh magazine has been inserted.




User friendly:


The EVO 3 A1 features an ergonomic design with fully ambidextrous controls that are easy to access and operate even while wearing gloves. Its compact size, lightweight and ambidextrous design lets it be handled by any player and makes it perfect for high speed games and CQB. Being a highly realistic licensed replica in both form and function this Airsoft gun will also appeal to both mil-sim and gun enthusiasts alike.



  • Multiple sling mounts

    The rear features dual-sided mounts and the forward metal mount can be switched for either right or left handed use.

  • Ambidextrous controls

    The fire selector and magazine release are accessible for both right and left handed players.

  • Fast reloading

    The paddle style magazine release button is accessible for both right and left handed players and offers a large surface allowing fast magazine changes even while wearing gloves.

  • Ambidextrous charging handle

    The charging handle can be switched for either right or left handed use.

  • Easy adjustable hop-up

    The hop-up has been designed with locking ridges that ensures any adjustment stays in place. Adjustments can be made either by hand or with an Allen wrench. It is fully compatible with standard hop-up rubbers and barrels.

  • Easy service and maintenance

    Operating from a “keep it simple” principle, the EVO 3 A1 was built from fewer parts than most other Airsoft guns and uses only 2 sizes of hexagonal screws, making the EVO 3 A1 easy to take apart for service , maintenance and upgrades.

The Specs



Length:  ----------------------------  623/425mm

Width:  ------------------------------------  58mm

Barrel length: ---------------------------  208mm


Mag. Capacity: ------------------------ 75 rounds

Standard Mag.:  ----------------------  Ref.17844

Hop Up Type:  ------------------------ Adjustable



Velocity: -------------------------- 120ms/397fps

Weight: ------------------------------------- 2400g

Energy: ---------------------------------- 1,4 Joule

The EVO 3 A1
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